Step 1

Surrender yourself

The program only works if we surrender to it.

It works if we are willing to change and admit the mistakes we have made.

“By admitting my mistakes I can begin to harness the power to change”


Here’s a secret that few people are talking about – we’re all a bit crap, in one way or another.

We might make mistakes, say things we shouldn’t, argue aggressively, lie, steal, or cheat.

We might be lazy sometimes, we might be performing badly at work, or in our relationship or any of the many different aspects of our day to day lives. We’re all crap sometimes.

And that’s not easy to admit, either to ourselves or to others. Admitting we’re flawed makes us look weak, like we’re not up to the job.

But we are all flawed. And the sooner we can admit to that, the sooner we can feel better about it.

After all, it is only by admitting that we are wrong that we can learn anything.

If we were always right, who can teach us anything?

And by admitting that we are flawed, we can take ownership of our faults and do something about it. If it’s someone else’s fault, we have no power to change it.

But perhaps most importantly, by admitting our weaknesses and our errors of the past, we become more approachable to other people.

By admitting that we have faults, others might feel like they can admit to theirs, and that’s how loving relationships are built.

Admit to your faults and your mistakes of the past.

Take ownership of them.

Surrender to the program of growth.

And then you can begin to build a fulfilling future.


Good luck.