Step 5

Secrets keep you sick

Write down all of your regrets from the past, especially those you have kept secret.

Share the list with at least one person, then learn from your mistakes and move on.

“Regrets get heavier if you continue carrying them alone”


In the previous step we spoke about letting go of the past and forgiving yourself for the mistakes you made. We’ve all made mistakes, and often they seem so terrible that we hope nobody ever finds out. We’d much prefer to forget them and hope that they go away. But they don’t. And keeping them secret can eat away at our happiness, convincing us that we’re a bad person who doesn’t deserve to be loved.

In reality, few secrets are so heinous that we cannot be forgiven. For most people, our secrets are not things we should be proud of, but we shouldn’t punish ourselves forever. If you’re reading this, you’re already on a journey. You’re already working to overcome challenges, and that in itself is something you can be proud of and a reason why others should be supportive. You’ve earned the right to be forgiven.

There’s bound to be someone you can trust with your secrets, and it’s a good idea to trust them. They say a problem shared is a problem halved, and the same is true for secrets. Make a list of your regrets, and then share that list with someone you trust. It goes without saying that you should learn from your mistakes, but the most important reason to make and share the list is so that you don’t have to carry the guilt of your secrets on your own.

So share your secrets. It’ll be a weight off your shoulders for sure.