Step 6

Love yourself

Start focusing on the good you’re doing today and stop dwelling on the mistakes of the past.

That’s the only way you can begin loving yourself.

“Learning to love yourself is hard, but you’re worth it.


Just as we have all done bad things in the past, we’ve all done things which we can be proud of too. Maybe we’ve helped people in need, been a good friend, or battled through hard times and come out of the other side. These things take courage, compassion and love, and that’s something you can be proud of. 

Here’s a scientifically proven tool which can help you to cultivate love and happiness for yourself. Before you go to bed, list three things that you are grateful for. They can be big things, such as being grateful for your health and that you can live an active life. Or they can be small things, such as being grateful that you had enough milk to make coffee this morning. It all counts. 

But here’s the important part – you must also articulate your own role in making these things happen. So, you’d also say how glad you are that you bought a pair of running shoes, or how you’re pleased you made the trip to the store this week and had enough milk in the fridge. That’s the important bit.

In a scientific study from Duke University, listing the three things you’re grateful for and explaining what you did to make it happen has been proven to be more effective for increasing happiness than taking Prozac, especially if you do the list last thing at night. There’s even an app for your phone where you can save your lists.

Try it. 

You might like it.