James ‘SHINNy’ Davenport has been on a mission for the last four years, working online to spread the word about positive mental health and recovery.

Through his social media channels, Shinny broadcasts ‘The Shinny Show Live’ reaching out to thousands of people worldwide. His mantra “RECOVERy IS THE NEW COOL” is everywhere.

This year we decided it was time to spread the word even further and help more people on their journey to recovery by launching SHINNyS SOCKS. We’re starting with a few designs to welcome you to the program.

Join us on our mission to make recovery the new cool.


What are we all about? 

Here at SHINNyS SOCKS we believe it’s important to get that physical reminder every day to continue a positive improvement and direction in our lives.

We all have those days where we wake up feeling down, what we plan to do is provide that little reminder, little message, that will pick you back up and continue to improve and grow each day.

What better way to get that message than on your socks as you pull them up.

You’ll not only be talking the talk, but walking the walk! in your SHINNyS SOCKS.